13 August 2007

we've moved!

the stash and i have moved...and there's already a brand-spanking new post over there! update your clicky-links and join us, please. =]

The stash is getting out of control...


06 June 2007


okay, i know...but i promise there's a post coming soon. i don't know if i actually have any "readers" per se, but i'd really truly like to get around to making this blogging thing a regular occurence. unfortunately, real life has conspired against me on that front (though with me on many many others, so i won't complain) but a real, live post, with real live (and finished) knitting is coming soon. i just need to finish cleaning & planting my little terrace so that i have a place to take the photos – and a place to enjoy knitting outdoors after dinner in the evenings.

highlights to come include: a finished rusted root, finished handwarmers from lmkg, and currently-in-progress shoalwater shawl, ruffled surplice from spring 07 ik, and heel-less sleeping socks, which i just started last night.

and in case i *do* have (or still have) readers, and anyone is wondering...the wedding happened, and we're now blissfully betrothed. it wasn't without its hitches & hiccups, but one of the wonders of planning a teeny-weeny-wedding is the ability to change plans at – literally – a moment's notice – as in...when it was still raining at 5:30, we switched venues at 5:45. for a 6:00 wedding. i do love me a challenge. =]

22 January 2007

hey corey!

ooh corey!!


19 January 2007

eye candy friday

stargazer lilies

a not-so-great picture with my camera phone. stargazer lilies at my desk...i bought them yesterday as inspiration because i plan to use them as the main flowers for my wedding (peonies won't quite be in season yet). i may have to take them home over the weekend so that i don't miss them opening.

18 January 2007

hi there!

how YOU doin?!

so yeah, i've been a little bit absent lately, and no small part of that was due to a huge desire to freshen up the sidebar, get some things done & get through the holidays & whatnots. i upgraded to the blogger beta new blogger and have been having lots of fun with the new template editor. i got rid of the progress bars, since they hardly ever changed anyway, added some new sections, cleared out a few posts that were nothing more than filler and annoying me just a little, and just generally cleaned house blog. much happier. =*~_~*=

about those progress bars: it's not that progress wasn't being made, but i'm one of those knitters that loves to start something and then leave it languish while i go buy more yarn and start a couple other projects, then go back and rip out the original project and start something different. progress bars don't really work for that. plus the whole "stash tracking" attempt didn't really make sense. how do i measure my current stash? do i include past projects? current projects not finished? just unused yarn? the whole stash-tracking concept gave me a headache, so i axed it.

but...speaking of stash & buying yarn: you might notice a new section over there [joinerino] and a button featured at the very tippy-top. that's right. i'm joining knit from your stash 2007 and getting back to the entire inspiration for starting this blog in the first place. it didn't quite work the first time around, and i've acquired quite a few new additions to the stash since then. so it's time to start anew. as far as the guidelines for kfys07 go, i'm sticking to them with one exception: i am NOT allowing myself new sock yarn. i have enough sock yarn for at least 10 pairs of socks at this point, and i won't finish that many by september, so it's out. however, i am allowing myself one other exception: i may purchase yarn while on my honeymoon in amsterdam in april. as far as honeymoons are concerned, all bets are off. i think that's fair.

which brings me to another little item i had planned on mentioning and never got around to (it's been a weird few months, y'all): we didn't get married in october after all. now don't fret, nothing was wrong, but because of our small budget & changing the plans 5 billion times between deciding to get married & our original planned date, just about everything that could go wrong logistics-wise did - families not able to come, planned locations/sites not working out, being insane enough to think that my procrastination-happy ass wanted to actually MAKE my dress, budget dreams vs. realities, etc. so we postponed the date to mid-april. i have to say, i have loved this guy wholly & completely from day one, but the moment he took me by the arms and said, 4 days before our original date "sweetie, it doesn't have to be this way, we should have the nice little wedding we want, it's not that much to ask for," i fell in love with him all over again. so things are going much better now. we have the location we want all paid for & set, the magistrate booked, MY DRESS IS BOUGHT!, a REAL honeymoon booked (going back to the first place we ever vacationed together - 4 months into our relationship we took a trip overseas and didn't hate each other when it was over - true romance!), and all the other little details are falling into place. i am so much happier this time around.

okay, i think that's enough for now. i have some other projects, updates & whatnots to tell you about, and i'll get around to those tomorrow. stay tuned this time around!