06 June 2007


okay, i know...but i promise there's a post coming soon. i don't know if i actually have any "readers" per se, but i'd really truly like to get around to making this blogging thing a regular occurence. unfortunately, real life has conspired against me on that front (though with me on many many others, so i won't complain) but a real, live post, with real live (and finished) knitting is coming soon. i just need to finish cleaning & planting my little terrace so that i have a place to take the photos – and a place to enjoy knitting outdoors after dinner in the evenings.

highlights to come include: a finished rusted root, finished handwarmers from lmkg, and currently-in-progress shoalwater shawl, ruffled surplice from spring 07 ik, and heel-less sleeping socks, which i just started last night.

and in case i *do* have (or still have) readers, and anyone is wondering...the wedding happened, and we're now blissfully betrothed. it wasn't without its hitches & hiccups, but one of the wonders of planning a teeny-weeny-wedding is the ability to change plans at – literally – a moment's notice – as in...when it was still raining at 5:30, we switched venues at 5:45. for a 6:00 wedding. i do love me a challenge. =]