08 August 2006

we interrupt your regularly scheduled blogcast to bring you...

the fight everyone is talking about.

if you haven't heard, cascade and kfi have been duking it out over the supposed actual cashmere content of one yarn darling, debbie bliss cashmerino. a couple weeks ago, i had a chance to view both of the following letters directly from the companies in question.

the letters reposted below have been copied from the thread at knittersreview.com (an excellent thread on the subject until it derails a bit towards the end)

so originally...i posted the text of the letters here, before i realised the whopping amount of page space they took up. my biggest blogging goal right now is not to lull any potential regular readers into a torpor from which the only escape is closing and never re-visiting my page. that would make me sad. you should go read the thread at knittersreview.com linked above. i'll wait...you won't miss anything, i promise!

The whole thing is just very...bizarre. Cascade of course started it by essentially slandering DB Cashmerino without solid proof of lack of cashmere content. But then KFI upped the ante by doing a bit of passive-aggresive name calling in the process of [rightfully] defending themselves. I think KFI could have done without all of the "jealousy" commentary, personally.

Who's right? Who's wrong? Does it matter? Is the industry really getting this saturated and competitive that yarn companies are resorting to tactics previously reserved for big corporate bullies? The whole thing is just a little off-putting on both sides, though I'll be the first to admit that when I bought my first ball of cashmerino a few weeks ago, I actually woke up in the middle of the night wanting to cuddle it, it was so soft. Since my yarn bag was next to my side of the bed, I ended up sneaking my hand into the bag like some surreptitious yarn pervert, stroking it until I fell asleep. Is that bad?


gretchen said...

no, you're not bad, just a bad influence. i think i'm moving that pile o' yarn a little closer to the bed....

Karin said...

I have already read through the forum notes and seen both sides of the story. And I just don't really care what it's made up of. It's a nice feeling yarn and that's the end of story to me!