18 July 2006

the hard truth

alrighty, let's see what we have here. last post, i showed you my stash as of about 1 year ago (not as long as i thought...not sure whether that's good or bad). that was then:


and this is now:

please click on the photo and view it at flickr with tags to see the details

a few things to note:

  • pictured is approximately 110 average-length skeins of yarn in various weights. i'll work out the meterage this weekend, since i'm curious to know. i'd also like to work out the approximate investment. hard facts help.
  • not pictured now but still very much in the stash are the 16 (16!) hanks of naturgaarn, 6 skeins of bernat, and 6 skeins of tlc amore from the top of the older photo. i just didn't have the room or the time to drag them out and add them in, but they took up a nice chunk of real estate in the last photo, along with the bag (also not pictured) and the yarns directly below and to the left of it...those projects were finished. yay! but...
  • in the first photo is the top half of the bed, with everything nicely spaced. in the second is the entire surface of my queen-size bed viewed from atop a 3-foot stool. my head, and therefore the camera, was against the ceiling. most of the yarns are stacked so that they would all fit.

since this meager task took all night, i'm going to leave the individual cataloging for the weekend. i'm beat and a little speechless. i had actually forgotten about some of those yarns in only a year. boy-howdy, i have a lot of work ahead of me, but at least i have some really nice yarn to work with.

thank you for your comments! =]

ps - also not pictured is the hank of sunshine yarns superwash sock in waterfall that i bought last week before i made this commitment. dangit! her yarns are so lovely, and it was an anniversary goodie sale, and i just couldn't seem to help myself! but i'd rather feel good about treating myself to those pretty colors, rather than guilty.


kristin said...

Well I still don't think it's too bad. I really think you can do this because it seems like more than half of your yarn was bought with projects in mind so if you just finish up some of the things you started (easier said, I know) you'll make a big dent!

Leah said...

I don't think it's so bad either!! I have been stashbusting for months (with some moments of weakness). It's a nice feeling to actually use up some of the yarn that I just "had to have"!! :)

I'm glad you stopped by my blog & thanks for linking to me!

Oh & I don't have any problems with you being OTP!! ;)

amp said...

err, that's what i meant...OTP! ;] or not ITP, or something like that.