20 July 2006

my resolve is already getting shaky...

but it's not yarn...well, not exactly.

would buying a drop spindle and roving count as cheating? i know the answer is yes, i think i just needed to see it in writing to realize that it's not really a good idea.

sorry for the short post. it's been so hot and i've been working very long hours. i've also been working on a new website for a friend. it's knitting-related, and as soon as it's in good shape i'll share it with all of you! =]

eta: i'm just curious...what's with everyone deciding to open their own yarn store? i mean, i get dying and selling your own yarn line. and i really do get that we all love yarn and would love for it to be our day job. but whatever happened to supporting the heck out of your LYS? it just seems like "opening a yarn store" is the Aught's (or at least 2006's) version of "starting your own web design business" or "opening a computer store" of the 90's. it's kinda weird.

of course, i'm still working on the retirement dream i've had ever since i was 15 and visited england for the first time: my own sheep farm. no yarn stores for me...i want fleecy fuzzy faces to love and care for. =]


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kristin said...

I love that retirement dream. It sounds like my "when I win the lottery" dream, except I would have to play the lottery for that to actually work.