17 July 2006

let's begin, shall we?

hi, my name is amy, and i am an impulsive yarn-a-holic.

(the first step is admitting you have a problem.)

so let's get to the root of the problem. i'm a bit of a fiber/color nut. that in itself isn't the problem. the real problem, the root, is that i am an impulse/emotional shopper. this really affects just about every aspect of my purchasing habits, not just yarn, but lately, the yarn stash has become an excellent visual barometer of just how much potential this particular habit has. let's explore.

about a year and a half ago, i came across a thread on the fantastically lovely craftster forums titled yarnaholic seeking support group. thinking "what a great idea, even though i don't have TOO much of a stash..." i took the following photo:

(clicking the photo will take you to my flickr photo with tags)

not terrible, right? it's gotten much, much worse since then. and sadly, most of the projects the above yarns were intended for have not been finished.

so the question is...how did we get to this point? well, i have never been a responsible shopper or money-saver. i have long admitted that i have a serious problem with impulse-buying and emotional shopping, the later being when i shop to make myself feel better even though i should be saving. believe it or not, the first step is NOT admitting you have a problem, at least not if you aren't doing anything about it. and my impulse shopping tendencies don't limit themselves to yarn; rather, it changes from week to week based on my current mood: one week it will be yarn, another it will be patterns and fabric, yet another it might be film for my various cameras, books, cd's, exercise equipment i don't use, etc. etc. etc.

so now, right now, i am declaring a 6 month moratorium on unneccesary purchases. if i don't NEED it, i don't buy it. this will not be a loose definition of "need" either. if i can get by just fine without whatever it is i'm jonesing for, i can't have it. (this obviously includes yarn, right?) in the meantime, i am going to catalog my entire current stash here on this blog, and before i can purchase any more yarn, i first need to make it through at least 80% of my current stash.

truly, you have no idea. i have a ridiculous stash that would probably make any fiber nut with limited funds weep, and then beat me senseless for letting it all sit in my cedar chest untouched.

i'm counting on you all (as in all of you that haven't found my blog yet, but hopefully will soon) to provide a little support and tough love. i don't care how badly i want koigu, or noro, or some pretty silk for knit and tonic's sizzle tank. i can't have it. not until i work my way through most of the "gotta have it" stuff i have already.

stay tuned...


craftykt said...

I wish you much luck in your stashbusting quest...Your cause is definitely noble! I am in a similar predicament, but hopefully you are a stronger woman than I!

Good luck!

kristin said...

Found you on the craftster twenty-something bloggers thread. Guess we were both conceived around the same time (ha!).

Your stash isn't too bad. I've started a "sock vacation" to rid myself of the large amount of sock yarn I have accumulated. Good luck with your stashbusting and welcome to the knitblog universe!

kristin said...

PS--it seems we have a LOT in common--except that I am still paying off my wedding from two years ago and still saving for a house. gah!

Laurie said...

I wish you much luck in your challenging endeavor and I will continue to follow it. I have been there and I know how hard it is to stop buying useless stuff (even though yarn isn't really useless, but that's not the point). :)
If you can just take the first little steps, it will become easier.

Good luck!!

starburn said...

Good luck! As a nonstasher, i will tell you this, when you don't have a stash, you start only buying things for a project, never because you just like the yarn.
It's really a lot easier to not have to look at all that sad yarn wishing it had a home within a sweater or scarf :) i get yarn guilt when it isn't in the proccess of being used.